Temps Obert versió 11.1 is a project in memory of Catalan author Manuel de Pedrolo and his ambitious novelistic series called Temps Obert (Open Time), written between 1963 and 1969, in the midst of Franco’s dictatorship. This digital approach to the idea of “novel·la total” started by Pedrolo is not a continuation of his eleven books, but a new multilingual interpretation of his idea. Counting with the online collaboration of five different writers in their five different native languages: Catalan, Swedish, English, Galician and Peninsular Spanish. This project sets to answer questions such as to what extent the writing process can be influenced by induced thematic and time restrictions, how the plot and style of the five narratives is shaped by one another, and how long its life can be.

To access the English part of the project, follow this “link“.

How Does It Work?

Five writers weekly publish a 350-400 words fragment of their story, written in their native languages; Catalan, English, Swedish, Galician and Spanish. Every week, one of the writers leads the way, writing first and inspiring the remaining four.

You can contribute to the project by adding your own 350-400 words fragment in the comment box of a post in your native language.

Authorship of “Open Time”

“Open Time” is the narrative of Temps Obert 11.1 written originally in English. Its author, Niamh Mc Namara, is a Cork native who teaches in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, University College Cork. She can be found blogging here or off somewhere reading about strange and mythical times.


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